Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening improves the appearance of natural teeth. However, this cosmetic treatment is not for all. For that reason, contact your Astoria, NY dentist before you act, especially if you are experiencing:

  • Teeth sensitivity or discoloration
  • Tooth decay
  • White spots on the enamel
  • Gum infection
  • Dental restorations, particularly on the front teeth

Newly whitened teeth can remain bright for about four to 12 months. Results depend on the bleaching treatment used, and the food and drinks you consume. Highly pigmented food items will eventually stain your teeth all over again. It is also important to avoid tobacco use.

To extend your whitening results, keep up with proper oral hygiene habits. Also, get regular teeth cleanings and exams at DiMaggio Dental.

Teeth Whitening In Astoria

If your dentist in Astoria approves you for teeth whitening, you now have several options. You can either choose an OTC dental whitening kits or have professional whitening at DiMaggio Dental.

Over-The-Counter Dental Whitening

If you opt for an OTC tooth bleaching kit, look for one with the ADA seal. Also, follow the directions as noted on the package. Don’t skip any steps or make any revisions. Store-bought whitening products take about seven to 30 days to achieve the full effect. With consistent use, results will vary for each user.

Professional Whitening

Professional whitening kits provided by your dentist will offer better results than store-bought products. Dentist-supervised bleaching treatments typically whiten teeth five to 10 shades. We offer two treatment options at DiMaggio Dental:

Take-Home Kits: A dentist-supervised at-home teeth whitening kit has a professional-grade bleaching agent. This is a higher concentration than OTC products. As a result, you can expect a much better outcome than with store-bought whitening treatments.

In-Office Treatment: After your dentist in Astoria examines your teeth, gums, and supporting bone, it will be determined if you are a candidate for dental whitening. Once approved for dentist-supervised in-office whitening, your dentist will:

  • Protect the soft tissues of the mouth so that only your teeth are exposed to the bleaching agent
  • Apply the bleaching gel to your tooth surfaces
  • Activate the gel with a special light
  • Invite you to listen to music or watch TV for 15 minutes while the gel penetrates the enamel
  • This process might be repeated two more times to achieve the desired results

Contact DiMaggio Dental in Astoria today to learn more about professional teeth whitening or to book a consultation.


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