Emergency Dentistry

There are plenty of reasons that you could need emergency dental care. The reality is dental emergencies don’t respect office hours and often emerge at night or over the weekend. Whether the problem is due to trauma or a longstanding but unaddressed issue doesn’t matter – what matters is that you are in pain and need help right away. At DiMaggio Dental dentist in Astoria, NY, our team understands that dental emergencies can happen all the time, and we are ready to help you through the problems so that you can get back to your life with minimal delay.

What are Examples of Dental Emergencies?

There are two basic types of dental emergencies. The first is trauma, which is when something suddenly happens. An example of this is if you’re playing a sport and you get a tooth fractured or knocked out of the mouth. Getting treatment is important for saving the tooth, so you would need to be at the office within a couple of hours. The second type of dental emergency is when a longstanding issue explodes. A good example is if when you’re eating, you bite down on something and get pain shooting through your mouth. This could reveal an infection of the dental pulp thanks to a cavity or loose filling. The bottom line is you need treatment as soon as possible to alleviate the pain.

How Do I Get Dental Emergency Treatment?

Whether our office is open or not, give us a call. If we are open, we will get you in as soon as possible, and if we are out of the office, the phone message will give you a phone number to call and leave a message about your emergency. We will get back to you as soon as possible and give you instructions. We understand these emergencies are tough, and we are here to get you through it quickly.

If you have a dental emergency or want to weekend dental appointment, call today at DiMaggio Dental in Astoria Queens, NY.

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