Fluoride Treatment

For patients that want to make sure their teeth are strong and healthy, your DiMaggio Dental professional can provide fluoride treatments. Patients in Astoria, NY can benefit from this treatment, as it helps protect teeth without the application of crowns, dental sealants, and other materials. You should consider speaking to your dentist about fluoride treatments for you.

It’s Natural

Fluoride occurs in the environment naturally and is found in several places, such as in the water as well as in rocks and even in the soil. It’s been shown to work alongside the enamel, increasing its strength and durability while preventing the formation of decay that can occur during demineralization.

Fluoride Isn’t Just for Kids

Fluoride treatments can be done on adults as well as children, decreasing the development of cavities at any age. Patients that are prone to decay, are elderly, or have medical conditions or special needs, are great candidates for fluoride treatment. If there is any reason a patient is not able to keep up with their oral health, fluoride may help keep teeth healthy.

Fluoride Strengthens Tooth Enamel

You may not be aware of this, but your teeth are in a constant cycle that continues throughout the day and night. This cycle involves demineralization and remineralization. When demineralization is occurring, the acids in saliva weaken teeth and make the enamel softer. During remineralization, minerals present in the saliva are introduced to the enamel and make it stronger. Saliva accomplishes this on its own, but fluoride provides an extra boost.

You can speak with a dental professional dentist in Astoria to learn more about keeping your teeth healthy using fluoride treatments. You can reach our office by phone or you by coming in for a visit to speak with a dental expert. In order to make sure your teeth are as healthy as possible, schedule an appointment with our DiMaggio Dental professional in Astoria for an effective fluoride treatment that can save your teeth from damage and decay.

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