Dental Bonding

At DiMaggio Dental, we believe that every patient should have a healthy and beautiful smile. To help achieve this, we provide Astoria, NY patients with dental bonding.

What’s Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is used by dentists around the world to repair imperfections and damage to teeth. They’re much less expensive than other restorative dental methods, such as dental veneers, and can be applied in just one visit to your dentist. Bonding can be used for tooth fractures and other issues with your molars.

How Is Bonding Used?

Bonding is used for patients that would like an affordable way to restore the appearance of teeth when damage or discoloration is causing imperfections. It can also be used to make smiles look more balanced and transform the look of teeth entirely. The dentist Astoria, NY will need to mold a composite resin onto the tooth, changing its shape to match the desires of the patient. Dental bonding can fix chips, gaps, and cracks in teeth. It can also be used on the roots of teeth that are exposed due to receding gums.

The Bonding Process

You don’t need to do anything on the day of your dental appointment. A shade that matches your teeth will be chosen for the resin and the surface of the tooth will be roughened so that the resin sticks onto it more securely. When this is completed, a conditions liquid will be brushed onto the tooth and then the resin will be applied. It will be molded with precision to match the look of your natural teeth and then it will be hardened using a curing light. The dentist will then trim, shape, and polish the tooth so that it looks more natural.

If you have imperfections with your smile or would like restorative work done, visit DiMaggio Dental and speak with a Astoria dental expert about how we can make your teeth look better and improve their structural integrity. Dental bonding can be done in our office and is fast, so feel free to schedule an appointment with one of our dental professionals if you would like to learn more about how to restore your smile.

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