Smile Makeovers

Your smile can be more beautiful than you ever thought possible by visiting a DiMaggio Dental professional in Astoria, NY. We provide smile makeovers that can correct any cosmetic issue with your teeth. Our cosmetic dental procedures are done using the latest and most advanced technology. We can create customized smiles that complement your appearance and give the confidence needed to show off your beautiful teeth. Your entire appearance is analyzed when coming up for a plan of action for your smile, including the eyes, lips, shape of your teeth, hair, and skin tone. All of the information we gather about you helps us give you a dazzling smile.

Discoloration in Teeth

Discoloration happens naturally over time as teeth age and the enamel becomes thinner. Other factors may change the color of teeth as well, such as consuming dark liquids or smoke tobacco. When teeth aren’t shining the way you want them to, we can provide teeth whitening, dental veneers, and several other ways to improve your smile. You can discuss your specific concerns about your smile with your dentist to learn about the ways you can get a more beautiful smile.

Replace Missing Teeth

Patients that have lost a tooth or may need teeth extracted can get them replaced with realistic prosthetics. Your dental expert can provide various options to make sure your teeth look gorgeous and natural. Some of the ways you can get a more beautiful smile include dentures, implants, or bridges. Options can be permanent or removable, depending on your preference and the recommendation of your dentist.

Alignment & Spacing of Teeth

Problems with the spacing or alignment of teeth can be corrected with the use of orthodontic appliances recommended by DiMaggio Dental professionals. Your dentist may outline a treatment plan that is best for your teeth. Treatment can include many different methods, such as aligners or traditional braces. For more information about how to go about your space issues, contact a DiMaggio Dental professional.

You can transform your smile by visiting a DiMaggio Dental professional dentist in Astoria or scheduling an appointment by phone.

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