Nothing can be more alarming than experiencing a dental emergency on the weekend. Waiting to see your dentist during regular office hours may worsen the problem or put your well being at risk.

Why Do You Need Weekend Dentists?

It can be challenging to locate a weekend dentist open on a Sunday, especially if you’re struggling with a severe toothache at the same time. Our hardworking team helps patients in Astoria, NY, book appointments over the weekend for emergencies and routine dental care services.

Many people tend to be extremely busy during the week, and it may be hard to get away from work or chores. Our experienced Calogero DiMaggio, DDS dentist in Astoria is happy to treat patients for a wide range of dental problems.

Why It Is Important to See a Dentist Around you

If a tooth has been knocked out due to an accident, injury, or trauma, it’s crucial to get emergency dental care. Failing to get timely treatment can result in permanent tooth loss.

Tooth loss is not the only reason to see an emergency dentist. Damaged prosthetics like malfunctioning dentures, broken crowns, or chipped fillings may require a visit to a well-reputed weekend dentist nearby you.

If you need emergency dental services, you may want to call a weekend dentist open on a Saturday.

DiMaggio Dental Offers a Wide Range of Weekend Dental Services

Our dentists offer the following dental care services:

  • Re-instate permanent teeth that have been knocked out of the socket
  • Replace lost or broken fillings and crowns
  • Fix, repair or replace broken or cracked teeth
  • Diagnose the cause for severe tooth pain and suggest suitable treatment
  • Tooth extraction including wisdom tooth removal
  • Repair or replace malfunctioning dentures or partials

Many patients find it challenging to locate a weekend dentist who is open on Saturdays and Sundays. Failing to locate a qualified dentist in Astoria Queens and seeking treatment can make it hard to deal with blinding pain or dental trauma.

Please do not hesitate to call DiMaggio Dental for our weekend dental services in Astoria, NY.

Weekend Dentist Near Me

We appreciate that dental emergencies do not announce themselves beforehand, and this is why DiMaggio Dental offers weekend dentistry services. Our dental office is open on the weekends, and we welcome patients to come in for diagnosis and treatment for pain relief.

When you use Google to find dentists near you, the search may show dentists’ offices but not their business hours. It’s very important to save the contact of emergency dentists as you never know when you may need emergency dentistry services.

It’s crucial to save time during a dental emergency. Seeing a trained dentist in Astoria, NY, for a dental appointment may help save your tooth and prevent the problem from worsening. It can be tricky to track down qualified dentists open on a Saturday, but luckily DiMaggio Dental is open on weekends for assistance.