Top Dental Health Insurance Providers for You

Top Dental Health Insurance Providers for You

Sep 01, 2020

Comprehensive dental insurance coverage is a significant factor in the general health of your family. With dental insurance coverage, you will be more comfortable visiting a dentist for regular check-ups and treatments since you will not have to worry about the costs.

What Are the Elements of a Good Dental Plan?

Before you agree on any dental plan with your insurance, you should review some factors. Such factors include the waiting time, people expected in the plan despite their age, and the services they cover. A good dental insurance plan should cover dental care services such as crowns, root canals, inlays, implants, dentures, and bridges.

You should read the fine print and check if the plan has a high enough annual maximum that covers you and your family’s estimated dental expenses yearly. At DiMaggio Dental, we recommend you to go for any of the insurance providers below.

Aetna Dental Insurance

If you don’t have dental health insurance coverage through your employer, you can consider their policy. With Aetna Dental Direct, you will have comprehensive coverage for all your dental needs.  Also, you don’t require a medical cover with us to qualify for the dental one.

For preventive dental care, their policy covers 100% without any out-of-the-pocket costs. Most of the dental insurance providers have a waiting period, especially for services such as root canals and crowns. However, if you switch to their plan, you will waive the waiting period. Also, their rates are relatively reasonable.


For global coverage of your dental needs, you can consider Cigna dental plans. They have three different plans for dental care. The covers include 1500*, 1000*, and Preventive*.

The 1500* plan covers preventive dental care in full, restorative dental care up to $1500 annually after deductibles, and orthodontics up to $1000. On the other hand, the 1000* plan covers preventive dental care wholly, up to $1000 for restorative, and does not cover orthodontic treatments. The preventive** plan covers only preventive dental care.

Delta Dental Insurance

Delta Dental is the largest dental health insurance providers in the United States. They have plans for individuals, dentists, employers, and groups.Their insurance covers include DeltaCare USA and PPO.

DeltaCare USA is a prepaid plan that has no deductibles or annual dollar maximums. Also, the program has no or low co-payments for most preventive and diagnostic dental services.

Other than the essential dental services, DeltaCare USA also covers additional services such as dental cleanings, teeth whitening, and bleaching. However, you will have to choose a primary care dentist when signing the policy.

Delta Dental PPO is a preferred-provider option plan. However, the plan does not cover dental services fully. You have the freedom to visit a dentist of your choice, but the insurance will only cover a percentage of the dentist’s fee, and you will have to pay the remaining amount out of your pocket.


Metlife dental insurance has the following plans:

  • Preferred-provider option
  • Dental HMO/ managed care plans
  • Life TakeAlong Dental

Preferred-provider option. The PPO plan covers preventive dental care 100%, provides you with an extensive network of dentists to choose from, and additional cost-saving for services that they partly cover.

Managed-care plans. The HMO plan provides a large network of dentists to choose from and no deductibles.

Life TakeAlong Dental. Life TakeAlong plan offers many benefits, such as the freedom to choose a dentist and cost savings.


UnitedHealthcare dental insurance plan has no or low deductibles, no age restrictions, and cover services such as fillings and emergency dentistry. The plan covers preventive dental care services fully and other services partially. However, you will only pay a little amount off your pocket for the partially covered services.

United Concordia

United Concordia dental insurance fully covers all the services in the coverage. They also offer a cover for dental accidents with a $2000 lifetime dollar maximum. However, dental accident benefits are separate from standard dental care plans.

Benefits of Choosing a Reliable Insurance Cover

Each dental insurance cover has its specific benefits. However, choosing a plan that has no waiting period is convenient, especially during dental emergencies. Also, reliable insurance covers cut the cost of treatments. Therefore, you should evaluate the benefits of each provider and choose the best for you.