Popular Trends in Cosmetic Dentistry

Popular Trends in Cosmetic Dentistry

The focus of traditional dentistry is on good dental hygiene, preventing, diagnosing and treating diseases of the mouth, while cosmetic dentistry is all about improving how your teeth, mouth and smile look. For most part, general or traditional dentistry is all about addressing existing dental issues and delivering the needed treatment. On the other hand, cosmetic dental practices are about fulfilling the desires of a patient, which makes it elective rather than necessary. But besides improving your appearance and smile, cosmetic procedures also offer some restorative benefits.

In the last few decades, there has been a tremendous shift in cosmetic dentistry. Advancements in technology have provided improved and efficient methods of carrying out procedures and at the same time the demand for the service has been on the rise. Here are some popular cosmetic procedures and how they can benefit a patient;

 1. Veneers

With an average lifespan of 12 to 15 years, dental veneers can be used to improve crooked, chipped or misshapen teeth. They are also recommended for people with gaps in their teeth and those that have not had a successful tooth whitening treatment. Veneers are usually attached to the front surface of the tooth to change their appearance. You will have a dentist trim down about a half millimeter of the tooth’s enamel before taking an impression of the tooth to help create an accurately fitting veneer. The different types of veneers available include porcelain veneers, composite resin veneers and CEREC veneers. Each type has its own benefits and your dentist will recommend the best type based on your situation and needs.

  2. Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a relatively simple dental procedure that can be done in one dental visit. It involves applying a tooth-colored composite resin on a tooth to improve its size, shape and color. Before applying the resin material, the target tooth is etched and then a bonding liquid is applied to allow the resin properly adhere to the tooth’s surface. The tooth will then me molded or reshaped before the resin is dried with the help of a UV light. Teeth bonding is a great choice to improve decayed, cracked or discolored teeth. it can also be used if you have small gaps in between teeth.

   3. Implants

Implants are artificial tooth roots with a screw like structure that are inserted into the jawbone to act as replacement for a lost tooth or more. Once an implant is inserted, it will act as the anchor for an artificial tooth known as a crown. a small device called an abutment helps connect the artificial tooth and the dental implant. This is the most effective method for replacing lost teeth as its functionality and appearance closely matches that of natural teeth.

   4. Teeth Whitening

This is perhaps the most common dental cosmetic procedure. Although our teeth are naturally meant to be white, staining is sometimes inevitable due to what comes into contact with our teeth as we eat and drink or due to habits like smoking, drinking and not practicing proper oral hygiene. Teeth whitening uses a variety of bleaching methods to improve the shade of your teeth by up to 7 times. It is usually more natural looking than using veneers.

    5. Crowns

Also known as ‘tooth caps’, crowns are a protective sleeve worn over pre-existing crowns. They offer extra support to an already damaged tooth while improving their appearance at the same time. Crowns are usually customized for each tooth and each patient for a more realistic look. Most people prefer crowns made from tooth-like materials, although metal crowns are also available. dental crowns are used on broken or chipped teeth, badly discolored teeth, to support bridges and to cover dental implants.

It has been said that dental cosmetic procedures can be elective, but this does not mean that you will not need guidance and an opinion from the dentist. Dimaggio Dental dentist in Astoria, NY values your well-being and which is why we provide individualized consultations to ensure the best possible outcomes for all our patients. Our clinic is open 5 days a week and you can book an appointment for your convenience.