6 Procedures Performed in Cosmetic Dentistry in Astoria, NY 

6 Procedures Performed in Cosmetic Dentistry in Astoria, NY 

Aug 01, 2020

Dentistry is an area in medicine that has grown a lot over the years. The fusion of technology, research, and modern resources has brought out the best in dental health care. Besides, more people are tapping into the potential of having perfect smiles and excelling in dental health.

One of the main areas of dental health that has picked up in popularity in cosmetic dentistry. If you are looking to change things up in the appearance of your smile, read on and consider some of the following procedures.

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

It is a specialty in dental health that focuses on alterations in the oral cavity to realize more aesthetically appealing results. In other words, patients who seek cosmetic dentistry are after beautifying smiles.

Many reasons could bring you to the point of requiring a cosmetic procedure. Dental experts who specialize in cosmetic dentistry have several dental treatments available to meet the different needs that patients present.

Which Dental Procedures Are Considered Cosmetic?

When you first approach your dentist with concerns to beautify your smile, it can be hard to imagine the kind of procedures that would come with that desire. For the most part, patients have to go through two or so procedures to fully accomplish their desired goals. However, this is relative to the dental problems you have. Some of the cosmetic oral procedures to expect include:

  • Teeth whitening treatments – it is among the most popular treatment sought in cosmetic dentistry. Different routes can be taken to help brighten and whiten your teeth. It always rolls back to which method you prefer. The treatments range from the use of whitening gels and pastes to the use of porcelain composites or veneers.
  • Dental veneers – they are tooth-colored and tooth-shaped applications that are attached to the front surfaces of teeth, to correct different oral flaws. Ideally, veneers only cover the front part of the tooth, as opposed to capping the entire tooth like would a dental crown. Veneers can be used to correct dental issues like tooth discoloration, spaces between teeth, malpositioning, unevenly shaped teeth, to mention a few. It is one of the most reliable dental procedures for performing cosmetic dental works.
  • Dental bonding – is a term that can help explain the process of attaching a dental appliance to teeth. However, dental bonding is also a procedure that helps correct different oral problems. It features the use of tooth-colored resin composites that are molded on the surfaces of your teeth. They are then hardened, to match the contour and finish of your natural teeth. It also serves as a great alternative to dental veneers and can be used to serve similar roles.
  • Dental implants – even though they seem like a drastic and more permanent alternative for teeth restoration, they are still reliable for cosmetic dentistry. Mostly, implants are used in restorative dentistry to replace missing teeth. However, their cosmetic effects make them reliable for cosmetic dentistry. Usually, a metal screw-like fixture is inserted in your jawbone to replace the roots of your teeth. After that, another oral appliance is placed over it, to cover it. This is usually a dental crown, denture, or dental bridge.
  • Dental bridges – they are also tooth replacement alternatives that can be used in cosmetic dentistry. They feature an artificial replacement tooth, often sandwiched between two dental crowns. Even though they are used alongside dental implants, independently, oral bridges have been used on countless occasions by cosmetic dentists in Astoria, NY to replace missing teeth. If you are not looking for a permanent result in tooth replacement treatments, consider dental bridges instead.
  • Smile makeovers – in cosmetic dental care, a smile makeover is a combination of multiple procedures that help improve your overall smile. When it comes to this, a single procedure may not be sufficient to attain your desired goal. Any of the above-mentioned procedures can be combined to help attain the smile you want. However, other than those procedures, some other crucial ones include:

a. Gum grafting surgery – it is a surgical intervention that helps restore damaged gum tissue. It corrects the gum recession, offering more support to your teeth.

b. Gum reduction surgery – it is the opposite of gum grafting, where part of your gum tissue is reduced, to get rid of your gummy smile.